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        Universal Bus-based --- Multi I/O Modules


Multi I/O Modul

Multi-function I/O Modules overview

---   8 x analog data input with RC prescaler
---   4 x analog data input with RC prescaler Differential measurement
---   8 x Open Drain outputs up to 4A
---   Each port is voltage proof up to 65V
---   Electronic hardware for interference suppression and signal processing
        can be connected to all measuring inputs
---   4 X RS232 Bus
---   4 X I²C Bus function possible
---   2 X RS485 bus galvanically isolated or network TCP/IP supported
        Protocols on request.
---   8 X LED²SP Bus
---   Max. 4 EBM fans without internal electronics (PWM and Hall signal)
        with 4 possible operating voltages
---   Operating voltage 8 - 65V
---   Optionally each fan current can be monitored (max. 10A)
---   Power supply unit temperature monitoring
---   Each I/O port has a RGB status LED
---   Optional storage media for medium data transfer possible (micro SD)
---   0 -12 V 12Bit DAC output Short circuit proof
---   5 or 12V port pullup (special voltages are possible).
        This voltage is also available for operating voltages below 12V


All variants of the multi-function I/O modules are characterized by high functionality and flexibility.
Beyond our standard firmware we also offer customer specific applications.
All multi-function I/O modules are usually controlled via our standard control and regulation modules.
Customer-specific control models are of course also possible.
The housing of the electronics is based on a housing for rail mounting.
All power supplies and I/O ports are connected via Phoenix screw connectors.
All network connectors are connected via an 8-pin standard RJ45 socket.
For the RS485 bus, 2 standard pin assignments are available.

RS485 variant
EBM Bus, Modbus und others
We would be pleased to make you an offer for the integration of your own bus protocols.

Network 10/100Mb
Modbus und others
TCP/IP Webserver