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        Universal Bus-based --- Multi I/O Controller


Multi I/O Modul

    Multi I/O controller:

    The Multi I/O Controller works with two 300MHz Cortex M7 controllers. The main microprocessor contains the web server and the complete sequence control.
    The second microprocessor can be freely programmed according to customer requirements, or is used as buffer and interpreter for slow bus systems. Depending on the hardware
    onfiguration up to 4 slave buses with 8 IDs each and two master options can be configured. All digital inputs and outputs run through a FPGA bridge,
    which enable very fast switching times as well as highly complex logic circuits. The FPGA configuration data can be uploaded via the web server.
    Customer specific logic FPGA operations which are not covered by the standard logic configuration interface can be included after consultation with us.
    The Multi I/O Controller is controlled and regulated via the Multiioserver operating system. Further information on request.

    In the following hardware specification of the analog inputs only the standard functions are listed.
    Further options can be easily integrated via the web server input interface and the charasteristic correction function
    All inputs have filter stages, which enable a clean measurement result even under unfavourable environmental conditions,
    so that all subsequent regulation and control functions can work optimally.

    Hardware Specification Multi I/O Port Typ2:

    --- +/- 10V Analog output
    --- +/- 10V Analog input
    --- +/- 1V Analog input
    --- +/- 100mV Analog input
    --- +/- 10mV Analog input
    --- + 60V (just Pin A) Analog input
    --- 0 - 20mA Analog output
    --- +/- 20mA Analog input
    --- 0 - 20mA Analog input
    --- 2 - 20mA Analog input
    --- 4 -20mA Analog input
    --- Thermocouple Typ: B, E, J, K, N, T, R and S     Analog input
    --- NTC Typ: Analog input
    --- PTC Typ: PT100 and PT1000     Analog input
    --- PWM output Pull UP 0-24V (nur Pin A) Analog output
    --- PWM output Pull UP 24V Analog output
    --- Digital output Open Darin or Pull UP 0-24V (nur Pin A) max. 2A 60V Analog output
    --- Digital output High or Lowseide Analog output
    --- Digital input

    Hardware Specification Multi I/O Port Typ3:

    --- Digital output High 24V max. 1A Analog output
    --- Digital input

    Hardware Specification MIOTTL I/O Port:

    --- MIOTTL0 and MIOTTL1     3,3V or 5V input/output
    --- MIOTTL2 bis MIOTTL7     1,65V bis 5V input/output

          MIOTTL Inputs and outputs are universal ports that can be assigned to the required function by the software.
          UART, SPI, TWI, and S-LED as well as inputs or outputs as normal digital I/O ports are standard.
          The S-LED bus is a single-wire bus that is used especially for serial RGB Leds.
          Up to 256 LEDs per channel can be addressed with a 24-bit color spectrum.
          LEDs with a 24 bit or 32 bit (for additional white LED) resolution can be addressed.
          Additional information can be found here...

    Hardware Specification Data-bus:

    --- Socket 1 MIOTTL0, MIOTTL1, CAN-Bus2, TWI-Bus1     3,3V or 5V input/output
    --- Socket 2 RS422 or RS485 COM1, RS485 COM2, CAN-Bus1 Connector configuration selectable
    --- Socket 3 RS422 or RS485 COM1, CAN-Bus1 Connector configuration selectable
    --- Socket 4 Ethernet100 Web server IP data bus connection
    --- Socket 5 Ethernet Switch
    --- Socket 6 Ethernet Switch
    --- Socket 7 Ethernet Switch
    --- Socket 8 MIOTTL2 to MIOTTL7     1,65V or 5V input/output

    Hardware Digital processing:

    --- 2 X Cotrex M7 300Mhz 2M Flash 512K Ram
    --- 400MHz FPGA-Bridge
    --- 256M Configuration memory User
    --- 16M Configuration memory
    --- 8M MRAM data memory
    --- MicroSD slot External data storage

    Multiioserver processing:

RS485 Variante
EBM Bus, Modbus and others
We would be pleased to make you an offer for the integration of your own bus protocols.

Network 10/100Mb
Modbus and others
TCP/IP Webserver