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        Universal Bus-based --- Multi I/O Remote --- Operation and Display Modules


Multi I/O Modul


          Multi I/O Remote Controller Overview


---   Capacitive keys and touch functions
---   Very robust design when using glass
---   Only one surface
---   Solvents and in a wide range also acid-proof
---   Precise display and operation of the panel via the web server

Customer-specific special solutions:

---   Total size of the control panel
---   Display size and resolution
---   Color selection and labeling
---   Panel material (glass, plastic etc.)

Possible peripherals

---   Multi I/O Modules
---   Multi I/O Remotes
---   Multi I/O Logic
---   Multipowerswitch Modules
---   Stepper motor Modules
---   FAN-CONTROL Modules
---   Bus based hardware from other manufacturers,
          depending on data bus system, e.g. EBM fan with own electronics.

Higher-level control

---   Multi I/O Server

  ---   5 selectable fixed font sizes, each with its own font
---   Up to 660 programmable pages.
---   Graphic drawing functionality.
---   Graphical data display
---   14 times 512 possible automatic page calls, readable by value and level change
---   The configuration of the page calls is independent of the actual display programming, and can be activated or deactivated by simple switches.
---   Display type and format independent configuration and programming
---   Programming directly via the browser, no other program is needed.
---   All settings and created programs can only be viewed by the supervisor
---   Integration of direct or virtual probe functions inside or outside the display area (depending on existing hardware).
---   No other programs are needed to create the ICONs and symbols.
---   Predefined ICON and symbols up- and downloadable
---   Simple integration of values including previously defined formats.
---   Simple calling up of device settings in numerical or written form, automatically depending on the function.
---   Alle ICONs zoomable
---   128 possible freely definable symbols
---   41 possible freely definable ICONs with 16 X 16 pixel 8Bit colors
---   40 possible freely definable graphically animated D-ICONs (2D data and 3D data plus 3 logical integrations) with 16 X 16 pixel 7Bit colors.
            Dynamic ICONs can be displayed from 0 to 100% in 1% steps. The 3D data option allows the additional display of a value
            in which the dynamic value is shown in different colors.
            For all D-ICONs up to three logical values can be added.

RS485 Variant
EBM Bus, Modbus and others
We would be pleased to make you an offer for the integration of your own bus protocols.

Network 10/100Mb
Modbus and others
TCP/IP Webserver