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        Universal Bus-based --- Multi I/O Logik --- SPS --- Real-time logic Modules


Multi I/O Modul

Multifunction I/O Module - SPS - Realtime Logic Modules

---   4 x Analog data inputs with RC prescaler / digital input
---   22 x Digital Inputs
---   24 x Open Drain Outputs up to 2,5A
---   2 x 0 -12 V 12Bit DAC output Short circuit proof
---   Each port is voltage proof up to 65V
---   1 x I²C Bus functon possible
---   1 x RS485 Bus galvanically isolated or Network TCP/IP supported
        Protocols on request.
---   Operating voltage 8 – 65V
---   Power supply unit temperature monitoring
---   8 x RGB Status LED
---   micro SD card option for data log is possible


All variants of the multi-function I/O modules are characterized by high functionality and flexibility.
Beyond our standard firmware we also offer customer specific applications.
All multi-function I/O modules are usually controlled via our standard control and regulation modules.
Customer-specific control models are of course also possible.
The housing of the electronics is based on a housing for rail mounting.
All power supplies and I/O ports are connected via Phoenix screw connectors.
All network connectors are connected via an 8-pin standard RJ45 socket.
For the RS485 bus, 2 standard pin assignments are available.

RS485 Variante
EBM Bus, Modbus und andere
Für die Integration eigener Busprotokolle machen wir Ihnen gerne ein Angebot.

Network 10/100Mb
Modbus und andere
TCP/IP Webserver