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        Universal Bus-based Multi I/O FAN-CONTROL Module


Multi I/O Modul


          FAN-CONTROL Modules Overview

FAN-CONTROL modules are a cost-effective alternative
to the Multi I/O modules.
FAN-CONTROL modules are specially designed to control
fans without own electronics which are controlled via a bus system
All pin assignments are identical to those of the Multi I/O modules,
but the software is kept very simple.
The control is done via a PID or in characteristic mode.
The configuration is done via a web server interface and
can therefore be set up with any PC that has a browser..

Primary bus systems

--- Network 10/100 - Modbus or others
--- RS485 - EBMBUS Modbus or others
--- Powerbus - Modbus or others

Configurable connection modes:

--- Hall and PWM of the fans (Assignment of ports Xa and Xb)
--- ADC - Sensors oder Digital Input
--- Digitaler Output
--- I²C and RS232 Sensors