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        Multi I/O Characteristics Functions


Multi I/O Modul

          Characteristics Functions can be integrated into the system on both the signal input and output side.
          Characteristic curves allow non-linear signals to be easily converted into linear signals,
          or control signals can be converted to meet specific requirements.
          The characteristic curve calculation module can process up to 32bit values.

          There are currently 65 different types of characteristic curves, from simple two-point correction to high-resolution
          characteristic curves with 514 steps. Theoretically, these are 514 individual characteristic curves which are combined into a
          single characteristic curve. Depending on the input value, the corresponding characteristic curve is then selected automatically.

          In addition, an offset value from the system can also be included in the characteristic curve calculation.
          There are 36 offset modes available.

          If characteristic curve values are not known, they can usually be determined with the automatic characteristic curve
          determination via a reference sensor. A time-value-controlled signal output of the Characteristics Module, which can
          be defined and provided during signal acquisition, enables the physical quantity to be changed automatically.