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        Serial RGB - W LED Bussystem

            Serial RGB - W LED bus system

    The serial RGB - W LED bus system allows the connection of up to 256 separately controllable LEDs per channel,.
    Usually these LEDs have three colours (red, green and blue) which can be controlled with a resolution of 8 bit each.
    Special models also have a white LED, which is also controlled with 8 bits.
    The big advantage of these LEDs is that they require only three lines for operation.
    The actual data transmission takes place via a serial single-wire data line.

    The Multi I/O S-LED Bus currently supports the following models:

    --- WS2801
    --- WS2811
    --- WS2812
    --- WS2812b
    --- PD9823
    --- APA102
    --- APA102c
    --- SK6812

    The Multiioserver software enables a number of control functions.

    Single LED control via logic bit function including error option.
    Colors and flashing option can be configured via the LED configuration menu.

    Depending on the arrangement of the LEDs, ICONs or texts and values can also be displayed in the group control.
    The event option also allows the display to change depending on the status.
    For safety-relevant applications, the feedback channel can be used to determine whether the LEDs are working properly.