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- USB zu RS485 Converter
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- Multiioserver Chipset
- Multi I/O System Overview & Concept
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        Multi I/O System Overview & Concept

            System & Concept Overview

When designing the Multi I/O Module System, great emphasis was given to the following points:

-   User-friendly interface for the end user
-   No further software is required for parameterization or configuration.
-   All configurations were made via the integrated web servers, so that each module can be accessed across Operating Systems
     via any device with a Browser
-   Uniform input interface for all module types of the Multi I/O series during installation
-   Maximum compatibility and easy connection to existing systems
-   Future-proof orientation with regard to availability and quality, in the choice of individual components
-   A stable operating system for all devices, due to a complete in-house development which is optimally adapted to the needed requirements.
-   Modular building block principle, with which applications can be realized from the simple microcontroller
     to the industrial large-scale controller.
-   Modular cost structure that adapts to the respective requirements, thus enabling an attractive cost structure for each application
-   Security aspects regarding data security and operational safety.
-   Possible multimaster structures via gateway connections
-   Data monitoring for all functions and messages