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- Multi I/O Modules
- Multi I/O Controller
- Multi I/O Remote
- Multi I/O Logik - SPS
- Multipowerswitch
- Steppermotor Modules
- Gateway und Hub Modules
- Bus & System Monitoring
- USB zu RS485 Converter
- Multi I/O Characteristics Functions
- Multi I/O Port Functions
- Serielles RGB - W LED Bussystem
- Multiioserver Chipset
- Multi I/O System Overview & Concept
PCB Assembly
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      PCB Assembly

  Printed circuit board assembly in the entire spectrum of components, from the smallest SMD components to large
  Thanks to the latest production machinery and technologies, there are almost no limits to production.
  In order to keep up with the continuous miniaturization of components, we regularly invest in modern technology.
  The yellow framed picture shows e.g. an 81 pin (81 contacts) μBGA IC in relation to a match head.

  High-quality soldering processes ensure optimal and stress-free soldering of the electronic components
  during the soldering process under exclusion of oxygen.

  Product codes, serial numbers and date codes can be lasered onto housings or PCBs according to customer specifications.
  By using a YAG laser it is also possible to mark metallic surfaces such as sockets.

  The high degree of automation also allows attractive prices even for Products "Made In Germany".

  Production / Software

    ---   CAD Eagle und Altium

    ---   Siplace Pro

    ---   Inline programming of all common microcontrollers,

              CPLD, FPGA and Memory

    ---   Multi I/O - Server Board handling

.PCB Assembly - Line1 - EKRA X4 - Siplace S27HM - Siplace F5

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  Produktions Kapazität

    ---   Assembly - Automatic Placement Machines

            -- ASM Siplace TX2i with two CP20 - P2 Heads

    ---   Stencil Printer - EKRA X6 Vollautomat with AOI

    ---   Stencil printing - Asymtek Dispenser with AOI

    ---   Soldering - vapor phase Asscon VP3000 Inline

    ---   Data I/O Flex500 Programming - Robot
            (Automated CHIP programming
            from microcontroller, FPGA to micro SD)

    ---   Inspektion - Marantz PCB AOI

    ---   Taping / Gurten - V-TEK TM4500

    ---   Automated programming and test procedures

    ---   Inline PCB marking with OSAI Neomark Y400 YAG laser

    ---   3D ABS plastic printing